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Notarial Operations

In order to guarantee your protection or that of third parties, or to have you acknowledge the risks involved in certain activities, Swiss law imposes the notarized form for certain documents. Our notaries are at your disposal in order to draft and execute all notarial deeds, be it for real estate (joint venture agreements, servitudes, mortgages and pledges, donations, constitution of condominiums, etc.), for commercial purposes (incorporation of all commercial companies, minutes of all meetings), for inheritance purposes (wills and agreements as to a succession) or for marital purposes (prenuptial agreements, civil partnerships) and for other purposes (tutelary deeds, afidavits, etc.). We also perform all chancellery-related deeds such as legalizations and authentications, proxies, etc).

In the Canton of Neuchâtel, notaries are also entrusted with the registration of wills and agreements as to a succession. They are the sole authority able to deliver certificates of inheritance and to receive demands concerning the benefit of inventory.

Droit des contrats et des affaires

Commercial Companies and Commercial Structuring

Business law, commercial law, companies’ law, real estate law, trusts

Droit pénal

Criminal Law and Human Rights

Defense in criminal law cases, economic criminal law, mutual judicial assistance, fundamental rights


Notarial Operations

General notarized documents, chancellery documents

IP / Internet / Privacy / Data protection

IP/IT / Privacy / Data Protection

Intellectual Property (trademarks, designs), technology, innovation, unfair competition, data protection and privacy, Internet, domain names

Jeux, sports et divertissement

Sports Law, Gambling Law, Entertainment Law

Sports contracts and sports litigation; legal expertise for lotteries, gambling and betting services, raffles, prize promotions; legal advice for all entertainment services

Droit de la famille et successions

Family Law and successions

Marriages, civil partnerships, separations, divorces, filiation, successions

Droit administratif et assurances sociales

Administrative Law and Social Security Law

Administrative procedures and permits, social security regulations, pensions, invalidity, unemployment benefits

Droit des étrangers

Immigration Law, Foreigners Law

Immigration permits, work permits, visa issues, permanent resident permits, acquisition of Swiss citizenship

Société et structures d'entreprises

Commercial Companies and Commercial Structuring

Business law, commercial law, companies’ law, real estate law, trusts

Droit de la construction et de l'immobilier

Real Estate and construction Law

Real estate law, public and private construction law, public procurements