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A. Notarial operations

In order to prepare your appointment, some useful documents: :

Note: The information requested in these questionnaires is standard information. Further information may be required depending on your specific project. 

I.  Incorporation of companies :

  1. Questionnaire for the constitution of a limited liability Company   (lien)
  2. Questionnaire for the formation of public limited liability Company (lien)

II. Acquisition / sale of real estate :

  1. Questionnaire concerning Acquisition / sale of real estate (lien)
  2. Useful link : Maps online counter -  (géoportail) :

III. Registered cantonal partnership

  1. Useful information and documents (lien)


B. Other usefuls links

Consumer Price Index (The inflation calculator) (Federal Statistical Office)

SME Portal  (Swiss Confederation)

Central Business Name Index (ZEFIX)

Search for companies within canton de Neuchatel (Registre du commerce du Canton de Neuchâtel)